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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


11. Our Life in Egypt

The journey to Egypt was long and uncomfortable, but the peace of God dwelled within our hearts. My parents did not find out about the massacre of the Holy Innocence for a long while. Had My father known, he would have been tormented by such an atrocity. On our flight into Egypt we, on several occasions, did not have any food to eat. Many times we stayed with the Bedouins who lived out in the desert under the stars. My parents sang their hymns of praise to God and remained calm during their journey. They did not want to show Me any signs of concern. They were truly honorable, loving parents. We covered long distances every day making several stops along the way.

My parents did not know what the future held in store for them, but they trusted in the Father’s Will. With confidence they proceeded in haste to Egypt. We traveled a little while along the Mediterranean Sea, but then went inland. The terrain began to change, with more hills and sand as we drew closer to Egypt. We passed Raamses and Goshen, the sight of the pyramids, which indicated the nearing of our destination.

When we arrived in Cairo, My father looked for housing. He registered the family name and was introduced to the surroundings. My father was given the name of someone who lived in the area by one of the three Wise Men (the King from Saudi Arabia), whose name My father had kept. The man’s name was Elam. St. Joseph found Elam in a humble dwelling and revealed to him our circumstances and the meeting with the three Wise Men. At once Elam bowed to My father in loving humility and invited us to stay as his guests in his house for a while until we acquired our own housing. My father accepted in joy and gratitude.

Let us stop at this point now, My child. We will continue at another time a little later. Peace to you. My Love is in your heart. Rest in My Love now.