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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


12. More on Our Life in Egypt

Elam was very kind in helping our Holy Family become situated in that far away land. He was a robust man with a face which spoke a tale of his life. He had a beard and gentle, soft, deep-set eyes. He was a man aged in years, yet quite capable of continuing his sturdy work. We remained his guests for 4 weeks at which time we moved our belongings, the little we had, to our new home.

Our new house was quite lovely with its holy surroundings and My mother and father. We lived in poverty, yet with the dignity of noblemen. I was taught the Law of God directly from the Seat of Wisdom, My mother; although at this point in My life, I was not yet old enough. I was still a young one of 1 ½ years of age. I was talking and learning words and sentences, and I had mastered walking by this time. The wonders of God’s creation enticed Me. I had golden hair with curls just forming, and my cheeks were quite rosy and chubby with peach fuzz brightening the outline of My hairline and face. I was quite comfortable in the arms of My parents and was not independent enough to wander far from them.

My father set up his carpentry shop outside our dwelling place, roughly 100 feet away. My mother began spinning wool and, at this point, began making hand-woven cloaks. Our livelihood was a very simple one. My father endured harsh comments from many of the townspeople and responded with silence when ridiculed, but this was short-lived. My father became known as a respectable, honest and fair man. His wages were fair, and he always give his surplus to others who were suffering unfortunate circumstances. He became known as a gentle man with great integrity.

He never shared the belittling commentaries with My mother, but she knew of his pain from several verbose women in the area. She did not need women to reveal her husband’s situation because she could see his heart of love and his concern in wanting to be a providing spouse and father. None the less, the women of the town were quite generous in exposing other peoples’ hardships to all who had ears to hear. My mother, in her purity, softened the blows My father was receiving by opening her heart to these hard-surfaced women, and she became the lagoon which swallowed all the negative speculative remarks against her spouse. Only a heart so Immaculate could silence the effects of evil and inspire people to change their lives, repent, and walk the path towards God.

When the news arrived of the slaughter of all the innocent children, the heavens wept tears of sorrow for the women who waited in agony for their lost ones. The world would never be the same.

It was only the beginning of evil’s reign and would mark the commencement of the pain to come upon the world from the misuse of power, and from jealousy, hatred and malice, vanity, and soul-searching desires. The evil one would certainly try to destroy the world in fear of THE woman who would destroy him forever through her fidelity and obedience to God. The battle began at that moment and continues on today with the threat to innocent lives in the mothers’ wombs through the termination of life before a baby’s first breath. One day the world will know of the importance of the children, their sanctifying and redeeming grace from God, and the way of life necessary for salvation.

Let us stop here for now, little one. I do not desire to continue. The pain in My Heart is too strong because I am the One Who has given birth to the children, my people of the world, through My Passion. O’ that they would really be mine, not their own. They live for themselves. I want their flesh, for it rightfully belongs to Me. Peace to you. My Heart I give to you and My Eyes I give to you.