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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


13. Our Return to Nazareth

We stayed in Egypt until My Heavenly Father revealed to My earthly father that it was time and safe to return to our homeland. One night as My father was sleeping, an angel came to him and said, “Joseph, wake up. Do not be afraid. You may now return to your homeland with your belongings. Your family will be quite safe. Herod has died. You now are free to go back. God’s Peace is upon you.” Taken by this dream, My father awoke and hastily arose to check on his beloved ones. There nestled in comfort I laid in My bed of safety. Surprised to see My mother awake, he said, “Mary, my beloved, I had a dream from Heaven”; to which My mother responded, ” I know, my Joseph. The angel said it is safe to return now with our belongings to our homeland. Let us return as you see fit.”

At that response My father smiled and began to pray with My mother a prayer of thanksgiving to My Heavenly Father, and they pondered in their hearts the goodness of God. “O’ how beautiful you are, O’ great possession of our hearts, You Who created the heavens and the stars and the soil of the earth. We bless Your Holy Name and bow to Your Divinity. You Who knows all things, we thank You and desire to be Your lowly servants. All praise and glory to Your Name.”

With that prayer I stirred and called, “Mommy, daddy”; and with arms raised high towards Heaven, I was lifted by My mother into her arms. I embraced her with a loving hug, but then extended My little arms to My father. There I desired to rest My head after I patted My hands against his cheeks and smiled at him. He responded to My Heavenly Father’s call. He listened and responded. I could rest My head on him, for I was secure, safe and at peace in the arms of My earthly father. What a joy to feel the comfort of a father, My strong but gentle daddy! He was Mine, all of Mine; and I was his, all of his.

Little one, ponder this scene that I have revealed to you. The joy and wonder of being gifted with fatherhood! Peace to you. I love you, and I give you My Heart and My Eyes.