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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan

By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan

2. My Incarnation

The entrance of the Son of Man into the world would depend on the cooperation of a woman born without the stain of sin. This virginal pure woman would have the free choice to do My Father’s Will. Her unconditional “yes” to the Archangel Gabriel permitted humanity’s salvation to commence. In order for Me to be born into a world of sin, free from the stain of sin, I had to be born from someone sinless in nature. This made her Immaculate in every way, but not Divine. I maintained my Divinity through her because I am God. She was created from the hands of God which made her a creature of God, one pure and sinless. Her only desire during her life was to serve the Messiah and fulfill the Will of the Father. The Son of Man was to bear the full thrust of the wickedness, and the temptational and sorrowful consequences of sin in all of His purity in order to redeem the world and fulfill the most perfect plan of the Trinity.

Through the blood of My sinless mother, I developed and was nurtured. I inherited her temperament, gentleness and serenity, as she cared for Me through her songs of praise and prayers to the Father. I was comforted by her warmth and her goodness while her genetic component was being infused into Me. She paid close attention to her physical well-being.

When a woman is gifted from Heaven to bear a child, the time the child is forming and developing in the womb is a critical period. The child feels what the mother feels at all times from the beginning at conception. It is the time the soul takes on flesh. It is not a medical term related to fetal tissue. It is “life”.

The human mind and imagination are so limited in understanding the Truth of Life as they are limited in understanding the glory of God in His infinite Wisdom. This is the result of the serpent’s betrayal of God and rests now in the mystery of “faith” gifted to every human being. The practice of this precious virtue of faith by man determines entrance into eternal glory.

To continue on, My child, contrary to what some theologians hypothesize, while inside the womb of My mother, I was not all-knowing as God. I was an innocent baby, as vulnerable as every infant, at the mercy of My mother, as is every infant. I simply humbled Myself to become human. I surrendered My power and strength for the sake of Love.

Little one, how a mother behaves during the gestational period paves the foundation for each infant’s developmental stage. It is My desire that all women understand the importance of their ability to produce life. It allows them to be co-redeemers and to be One with the Trinity. Those who prevent life or regulate the plan of the Blessed Trinity through their free choice separate themselves from eternal glory and enhance the destruction of civilization. The time is approaching, little one, when every woman created will be held accountable for any misuse of this precious gift because it is a direct attack against the Throne of God and His creation. My mother is the Model of Hope for all women who have abused this gift of life. Reflect now upon My words. Peace.