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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


27. More on Samuel, Saul & David

My little child, let us continue. This scene takes place a couple weeks after my special meeting with My Mother.

My father Joseph, my mother and I were walking up to visit my cousins. As they were joined in conversation, I asked My mother, “What happened next with David after he slew Goliath, knocking that big giant down with a stone and cutting of his head, momma?”

My father immediately looked up at My mother with a stunned look in his eyes. “What’s this now, Son?”

“Oh, you should hear about this story, father. This big mean giant tried to kill David, and David with one stone killed him and cut off his head.”

“The giant had blasphemed God,” Mother said, “but God rescued David and he won!”

“What happened then, Mother?”

“Yes, Mary, what did happen then?” asked my father.

I saw my Mother smile as her eyes gazed downward. I knew then that she would continue on. With a big smile on my face I clapped my hands.

Mother continued as we walked. “Well, when David returned after slaying Goliath, the people gave him so much praise and spoke so highly of him that Saul became jealous. The people were praising David more than King Saul, so he sought out to kill David. David was sent on an expedition by Saul in hopes that he would be killed, but he was instead victorious. It got to the point where King Saul began to fear David because the Lord God was with him.

“Saul tried to marry off his daughter to David, promising her to David if he would win the battles, but in truth hoping the Philistines would kill him; however, David always won. David did eventually marry Michal, who truly loved David, but that did not stop Saul in his obsession to kill David.

“Now Saul’s son, named Jonathon, honored David. It was Jonathon who confided to David his father’s intention to destroy him. Jonathon spoke to his father on David’s behalf about how God brought great victory to Israel through David, and he convinced his father not to beget a crime which would make him guilty of shedding innocent blood. Initially Saul abided and agreed, but his spirit of envy and jealousy continued to brood and intensify to the point that Saul himself attempted to kill David with his sword.”

“What happened, momma? What happened? Isn’t this a great story, father?” When I looked at my father, he didn’t say anything. He just looked at My mother. I wasn’t sure why he didn’t answer me, but I didn’t wait either. So I said to momma, “Go on! Go on!”

“David’s wife, Michal, helped David down the window one night after she informed him that there would be another attempt on his life in the morning. So David escaped.”

At that point my father looked away as he remembered quite well how, in the middle of the night, he too was informed that he should gather me and my mother in order to escape the bite of death.

My mother said, “Joseph, are you well?”

And then my father said, “God is good, and blessed is His Name that he spares the innocent and protects His beloved chosen ones.”

“Well, where did he go, momma?”

“He went to see Samuel, the great seer and prophet. People would prostrate themselves there in prayer and give praise to God.” Then, looking at my father, my Mother said, “It is time to ponder this part of the story, Jesus. We’ll go on later.”