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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan

28. The Faithfulness of My Father Joseph

I ran up ahead of my father and mother, picking up stones and tossing them as mother and father spoke privately.

“I remember, Mary,” Joseph said, “that night of terror for me when we had to escape and flee to Egypt to save Jesus’ life. I remember the fear I held in my heart for you and for our loved one; the fear to leave our belongings, to move and start anew; the fear of the responsibility of providing and caring for my family and to protect the Treasure of God Almighty entrusted to me. I was afraid, Mary. I did not know what would happen, where we would go, and how I would supply us nourishment.”

“Yes, Joseph, but God was victorious through your bravery and humility. You said ‘yes’ to God, and we were entrusted to your faithful care. Through your fatherhood, God’s work of salvation will be manifested. Your obedience and faith, Joseph, joins with mine in revealing to the world the Divine Mission of our All-powerful God. Together we can praise God that we share our faith. Our union is blessed by God and through our fidelity will purify families. God will share with the world the Revelation of Jesus on this pilgrimage of faith. Thank you, Joseph, for guarding us and communicating your tender love unconditionally. Our Love has its origin in God the Father. He will watch over us. Your self-sacrifice is a great gift to us. God’s blessing is upon you, Joseph, for accepting the Truth of the angel’s announcement and being the guardian of Jesus, taking on the Fatherly authority as His father.”