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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


5. Mirna and the Shepherds

My little one, after My birth a servant from the Inn came to assist My mother in caring for her female needs, hygiene and health precautions as was protocol for that time period. My stepfather was relieved upon seeing the presence of the servant, and upon her arrival he graciously made accommodations for the time she spent with My mother. Serving the needs of My mother changed her life forever. Her name was Mirna.

The first week of My human life I received the necessary nutrients from My mother’s breast for my immune system, as the odiferous animals kept the area warm. I continued to feed from her breasts until I was 9 months old, and then I began to be weaned from her and gradually introduced to pureed foods. My favorite foods as I grew older were goat cheese and honey.

The shepherds from the field were the first to pay tribute to me after Mirna returned to her duties at the Inn. They knew then that the Savior of the world did not come for the righteous but for the lowly. Their hearts were filled with joy and wonder as they gazed upon My innocence and purity. When the Kings arrived, they remained with us for 2 months before they returned to their homelands, but we will talk about that scene later. The shepherds provided My mother and stepfather with food and drink. They visited daily and made every effort to provide things to make Me and My parents comfortable. They introduced My stepfather to the area in which he could later make known his trade.

However, the first week was a very intimate ecstasy and elation of joy for the Holy Family, one of the great awe, adoration and thanksgiving. God was born! The Son of Man had entered the world and was sustained by grace from the Eternal Father.