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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


6. More on the Shepherds

My little child from heaven, I told you that the shepherds from the distant fields were My first visitors. On the second day of the celebration of My birth into the world, the shepherds received their calling, initially in their hearts. From the eldest to the youngest, the shepherds were drawn together. An unexplainable yearning, a burning with love in their hearts, moved them to gather together. There together the star of Bethlehem shone with brilliance revealing an historical event.

From the heavens descended My angel who announced the birth of the Savior of the world. Stricken with joy and holy fear, and dumbfounded by the awesome beauty of My angel, they prostrated themselves like little lambs. There were 12 shepherds who gathered together, but the one who was most childlike was granted the privilege of first seeing the angel and later resting his eyes on your Savior.

Cautiously and reverently, yet in haste, did they make their way to pay homage to their Savior, wrapped in swaddling clothes in the manger. They found My mother and father enraptured in joy. Upon hearing the rustling sound of people, My father in his gentle yet protective manner asked for the identification of the visitors. The youngest shepherd entered first and explained their encounter with the angel who had led them to their Savior in the manger. My father allowed the shepherds entrance, and my Mother, who knew the others were outside, invited all to come and see her innocent babe. There did they feast their eyes on Simplicity and Humility Itself, Whose gracious lips would one day speak words of peace and in Whose authority rested the judgment of the world.

The shepherds played an important role in assisting My father in finding a modest home and brought food and drink for our nourishment. On the 8th day, due to the proclamation of the Jewish law, every first born son was to be consecrated to God. Bethlehem, being a crowded place where many people had journeyed to register their children in accordance with the Roman law, had also a synagogue. The Presentation in the Temple was forthcoming, but the journey and the climate at that time of year was too long and harsh, and not for a newborn. The journey to Jerusalem would be made when the weather would be more conducive to travel several months later. My circumcision and consecration were performed on the 8th day in a synagogue in Bethlehem. My Precious Blood was then for the first time shed for the salvation of the world. Several months later in the Temple of Jerusalem, My honor and glory were offered to God for the world’s eternal salvation, when Simeon saw all the virtues of “the” Child Jesus. O’ that the world could ponder the virtues of Me as the Child Jesus: humility, charity, patience, simplicity innocence and mortification. Omnipotent and merciful, righteous and Divine, sinless and pure, the hidden Godhead breathed goodness on the world.

This is all I shall say for now, little one. Ponder this and be enraptured in My joy. We will continue later. Peace to you.