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Vol V Lesson 30 – RETURN TO GOD

LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World



Volume V Lesson #30

In private chapel at home

November 11-12, 1995, midnight





My dear little one, if ever I wanted to stress upon My people the importance and significance of prayer, there would be no more opportune time than the present.  I am not asking My people to give Me all of their undivided attention.  I am asking them to return back to God and to give even a little of their time in prayer and thanksgiving to My Father for all the wonders He gives to all people continuously and unconditionally.  If all My people would pray daily even for a small amount of time, there would be peace and unity.  Some of My beloved ones are praying, yet many are not.  If ALL would pray, there would be peace through love and mercy.  I desire to give to My people all good things from above.  I have given My words of love and My teachings in hope that My people will return to the Way of truth.  The future is contingent upon prayer.  Much can be mitigated through prayer.


My Father is merciful and kind, especially to the repentant sinner.  Just as  Nineveh was spared, so too can the world in which you live be spared.  Love and mercy are key elements and virtues of the truth.  My Father is tender and kind.  He seeks the humble hearts and He is a patient God.  There is tremendous hope for the journey for all who desire to know and live the truth.  I would like to continue to give My lessons to My people, but I have given My Word through the Scriptures, and I am still waiting for My people to live My Word.  My Word is THE Word.  It is already written.  It has been available to My people for 2000 years.  No new words will make any difference if My Word through Scripture is not practiced.  My beloved priests, bishops, cardinals, deacons, religious, nuns, and even Christian evangelicals and ministers may have studied My Word, but I have invited ALL My people of the world to live My Word.  There comes a time, little one, when no additional words from Me will make any difference or make a greater impact on people.  Those who desire My Word have it already. For  those who do not desire to know My Word, then no other words from Me will change their hearts.


Pray for all people.  Pray and love all people, even those who seem to be farthest away.  Do not be afraid to pray for those who are your enemies.  Do not harden your hearts, but walk through clouds of anger and bitterness and meet them with love, strength and mercy on the other side.   There is no need to take justice into your own hands.  There is no need to take prosecution to the full extent of the law.  What are needed are contrite hearts, merciful hearts, patient hearts, and hearts of compassion.  Those who live My Word have hearts of love, mercy, patience and compassion.  Those who do not live My Word have hearts of stone and live not in My world but in their own.  You cannot serve two masters.  Those who live by My Word of truth and love know that justice will be fulfilled at the hand of My Father.  You cannot say you are a child of God, a chosen people, and then through words and actions contradict the law of love as I have given it to you.  If you pray, you will know the truth, for the least contradiction to loving would cause inner division, for love and hate are not able to be mixed.


I await My people to return to Love.  This does not mean that man is perfect or will not fail.  If that were the case, My death for love of you would have been in vain.  It means that through prayer and humility in accepting yourself in failure, you are able to grow in holiness and reach the Kingdom through patience and the virtues dispensed from God.  It does not mean that you are not to live by the law established by mankind for structure and organizational standards in society.  What is needed to return to God is to live in a world by the virtues of love and dignity, not revenge, resentment, or hatred.  It is so necessary, little one, that My people return to Me soon, before it becomes any more difficult to change.  The longer My people delay, the colder the heart becomes, more and more like stone.  But prayer, love and mercy chip away at the stony heart, and soon enough purity radiates beneath all layers.


I am here, little one, for all people.  I love all people.  I died for all people, and I would die again if I could because of My love for all people.  Listen to the teachings of My Church.  Listen to My Word and live it.  Just take a few minutes to be with Me, to ponder My love in your life.  I want to call all My people to Me.  Return to God, My loved ones.  Please return.  Change the current path towards human destruction to one of love, peace, unity and life.  Live in freedom through living the truth of My Word.  I shall  not give any new words until My people begin to live My current words, for all is written.  My Word will not change.  It stands as is for I am the living Word.  Those who live in Me live My Word.  So many have chosen to walk away.  Come, return to My love.  Live My Word of truth.  I love you, My beloved people.  I am your Jesus of Mercy.  I am Love, and I have so much to give you, more than you could ever imagine.  Come, come to Me.  Return back to Me.  Return to God.  All I can ask of you and all I can invite you to is to RETURN TO GOD!


End of Lesson 30.

End of Volume V.