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Mystical Experiences of Gianna Sullivan with Our Lady
Commentary by Fr. John Wang
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Commentary by Fr. John Wang

From the moment our crucified Savior entrusted humanity to the care of His Mother Mary, His Intimate Collaborator took upon herself, with all her Immaculate Heart, this saving mission. For more than two thousand years now, she has been guiding, guarding, purifying, strengthening, counseling, healing, consoling, leading, advocating, interceding, nourishing, loving, encouraging, forgiving, calling and pleading, even begging and weeping. She has offered all these salvific works as our doting and loving Mother. In heaven, Mary constantly intercedes for her children before the Most Holy Trinity. She comes to her children on earth as she appears and gives messages through visionaries, seers and mystics. Gianna Talone Sullivan, now living in Emmitsburg, Maryland, is one of these chosen souls. Gianna generously accepted Our Blessed Mother’s invitation to be an intermediary since 1989.

The messages our dear Mother conveys through Gianna are priceless pearls. To be truly appreciated, they must be pondered, meditated upon and, then, seriously woven into the fabric of our lives so these jewels of holiness radiate God’s glory and saving Love. They are a powerful means of achieving Christian perfection. They encourage prayer, love forgiveness, humility, mercy, simplicity, purity, hope, love, faith, devotion to the Eucharist, focus on Jesus, unconditional trust in God and the practice of a host of other virtues. This new volume of messages from our Lady of Emmitsburg is, indeed, a welcome addition to those already published. Let us esteem and cherish our Lady’s words. Let us, also, show our profound gratitude to our dearly beloved Mother for communicating with us. May these messages be a means of abundant grace for all of us. And may Mary, Star of the Sea and Gate of Heaven, through these messages, guide us in our struggles and lead us to eternal salvation.

Rev. John B. Wang, Ph.D., J.U.D.

Biographical Sketch
Fr. John B. Wang was born in 1932 in China. Father was raised in a very devout Catholic family which produced two priests and a religious sister. He was educated by the American and German Foundation Missionaries. In 1949, he was sent to Spain to continue his seminary training.

Then, in 1954, he was ordained a priest in the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar in Saragoza. Father has several academic degrees including a M.A.T. (Master of Arts in Teaching) from the University of Florida, a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) from the University of Maryland, and a J.U.D. (Doctor Ulriusque Juris, Doctor of both Canon and Civil Law) from St. John Lateran University, Rome.

Over the years, he has taught courses in various institutions. He retired from teaching in 1992 and has been engaged in promoting Eucharistic and Marian devotions through spiritual direction, retreats, conferences, pilgrimages, and prayer groups. More than 80 cenacles have been established through his encouragement.


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