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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

April 8, 2006


Dear children of humanity,


Look at your Queen!  She is the Empress of the World!  There is no one as pure as she is pure.  She has a direct link to the Holy Trinity; and there she presents your petitions and pleads on your behalf.  O’ it would be wise, children of humanity, to look to her and to invite and welcome her into your communities and into your homes. 


There is no so august a Princess, most pure and elevated even higher than Esther, to the level of Empress.  As she desires and as she implores on your behalf for your salvation, so We listen and are moved.


What a foolish notion it would be to not give the proper reverence in due course to such a Queen!  Had it not been for this most beautiful and pure Empress, the Hand of your Almighty Creator would have dealt harsher blows.  She is the one who holds back the angels’ wings through her purity, her innocence, and her unconditional Love for you. 


Regardless of your creed, you must know that man develops and creates these areas of difference; and that God, your God, the only Almighty One, is the One Who distributes the graces accordingly with Divine Justice.  He reprimands, purges, prunes and vindicates.


O’ that you would be as humble as she, and perhaps your God would lend you a listening ear.  Thank her, and come to Me.  For the day will come when We shall meet face to face! 


Peace to you.