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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday


Children of Humanity,


I have waited so long to tell you and to share with you all the good works and fruits created for you through My Hands.  However, through sin, man rejected all that was good by choosing ways materially and physically pleasing to the body.  So for many generations and years the people of humanity have been broken and unfulfilled. 


Now this period is the time when My Son’s Mercy unfolds; and through His Mercy, Justice comes.  All who belong to me must stand tall and raise their heads and unite with one another.  There is nothing to fear! 


I love you and wanted to know of your love; and yet, so many are afraid.  How is it that you could be afraid of the Truth, but not afraid of deception? 


Do not let the eye deceive you.  For what you cannot see does not mean that it is not true; and what the eye can see may mean other motives and incentives are enticing you to become distracted.  Be stoic in your love of prayer.  Stand firm on the grounds of Truth.  Fear not those around you who dine with you, and yet may accuse you.  You belong to One Creator, One Father, not a “god” of punishment, but a God Who is your Father. 

(Long pause)

You belong to Me!


How is it that you are so preoccupied with life and not from where life commenced?  I gave you your soul and your life.  I desire you to enjoy life.  Why is it you cannot enjoy the Source from where life came?  All can be made anew because of both My great Love for you and the freedom I give you through your choice.  Nature and humanity can change the new tomorrow into something beautiful, from what it is today, a day of mistrust and superficial friendliness. 


Be genuine.  Be genuine!  Look to me.  Open your hearts and I will fill you through My Son—through His goodness and His ways which are both Divine and human—so that you may know in your human ways how to seek and reach for the holiness and goodness of My Divinity.