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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

August  8, 2007


Dear Children of Humanity,


Blessed be life, life that I created for your good will and your good pleasure, life that you may live it fully and reap most copiously from the fruit of the land! 


This time is a time of joy.  Joy is what you should be grasping.  You should grasp it fully.  If you are not reaping the benefits of joy, then look interiorly.   Maybe your attention should be focused more on what you have now than on what you could have.  Then, perhaps you will be joyful.


When the Archangel Gabriel went to my humble servant, Mary, he said, “Rejoice, O’ most highly favored one”; and then, once again, “Rejoice, the Lord’s favor is upon you.”  (Lk 1:26-30)


When my Son was presented to Anna and Simeon at the temple in Jerusalem, Simeon rejoiced,  “My soul can now rest in peace, for I have seen the glory of God.” (Lk 2:29-32)


Days before my Son entered Gethsemane in prayer (Mk 14:32), He rode on a donkey into Jerusalem; and there they sang, “Rejoice!” with palms upraised to God. (Mt 21: 9)


How wonderful to live in a time when praise and thanksgiving should be directed to your Creator!  With all the wonderful gifts you receive, it is a joyful time.  All the angels sing songs of joy.


Joy, joy is yours to be had!


Take a moment, just one moment, and you can also receive joy.  This gift is in you.  It is graced to you at your Baptism.  It is a gift.  Keep it, and never lose it. 


I love you as your Creator, and I will always love you.