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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

 December  8, 2007

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary



Dear Children of Humanity,


My Son’s Heart is aflame, reaching out to the entire world with Love for you.  I am with you; and even as I am with you, My Son and the Holy Spirit are with you, for we are One in the Holy Trinity. 


Yet, so many differences!  Even if there are differences, why is not there the possibility that as Christian people, children of Abraham whom I created, humanity cannot be blessed, give praise to their God Almighty, and form in unity and Love?  How much longer will it be—day after day—that so many of you initially receive My Words, listen to them with your hearts aflame, and then, instead of practicing them, move forward and get enveloped in a different dimension which further divides the world. 


My desire is for Love, love of you, love for you, and the Love within you.   This Love within you goes forth to meet everyone out in the world.  Anyone who desires to receive it receives God!  Too much emphasis is placed on the miraculous, the signs of the times, and the desires and hopes of private intentions. 


I am the God of yesterday and the God of today.  I am Alpha and Omega.  I am!  No one can divide Me from yesterday or today or with their private intentions.  I see within; and there, through your strength you have the ability, if you so choose, to rise and be the new column and pillar of Light. 


Bring all—all to the Throne of God!  For all are important.  Every soul is important.  It is not what you say, but what you do.  It is not necessary to debate what is true and what is not.  What is necessary is to live with the continuity of Love.  If you know Love, and If Love knows you, then embraced as One you can only move forward in the Light of Love.   Words mean nothing.  Today your friend is near.  Tomorrow your friend may disappear.  What is important is the Love, there forever, cherishing and living in the Light and Truth of God. 


Vigilance, prudence, temperance, patience, humility and the complete surrender to My Divine Will are the ultimate end of gratification and the ultimate beginning.  


I love you, and I bless you.  I thank you for your patience in reading and listening to My Words.