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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

February 8, 2006


Dear children of humanity,


I have given you words throughout the generations; and yet, you do as you please.  You choose what you desire to do, and you continue on your way.  When in times of trouble, and when things get rough and your shield crumbles, many of you look for a place where you will be safe, a safe haven where you can protect your own desires. 


There are also those whom I have called, those who do not seek their own ways, but seek first the Kingdom of God.  Without understanding the mystery, they fulfill within their hearts the faithfulness of living the Truth, without seeing, without hearing and without knowing.  They have become the “chosen” ones.  All are invited; but few truly choose to walk, to be guided, and to live in Faith. 


Why are you called “children” of humanity?  You are called “children” because faithfulness needs to be developed.  So children of faith, which is what you are called to be, come to know the Truth of My Son’s Humanity and the Truth of His Divinity.  Come to know the Truth of salvation and redemption, and the Truth of sacrifice, of Love and of total abandonment to My Will, even to the point of death.  Come to love so much that your every vein and artery, and every cell in your body lives, breathes, dies, and ceases to be, all for My sake and that of My Creation.


Without the tremendous gift of your Mother, you would be nothing!  Here she is, gathering her children continually, pleading on your behalf, and prodding for change.  Who could move the Throne of God if not her, who is so pure and Immaculate, so obedient and humble, so gentle and meek, and so filled with virtue and knowledge as to be called the Seat of Wisdom?  Who else but her could do this on your behalf?


O’ you children of humanity, regardless of your focus in chasing the truth in different religions, if you but knew to look to her,   you would then know that there in her Heart and protected within her womb, the Son of Man came into humanity maintaining His Divinity; and you would then live for this very moment.


Use this time wisely.  There are many called and very few chosen; and yet, the door is still open for all who desire to come.