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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

February 8, 2007


Dear Children of Humanity,


I love you as your Father; and most importantly, I have given you everything that is good. 


If you come to Me with open hearts, all is made anew.  If you come, even with skepticism, I can make all anew.  But if you come blaspheming, especially blaspheming the tremendous gift of the Holy Spirit, then you cannot be made anew.  You cannot desire evil, for you must desire love and that what is pure. 


Look to this most precious, Immaculate Virgin, the Mother of your Savior, and there you shall see no guile and that as she grew, Wisdom grew within her.  She gave all that she had and listened even more intently, giving and giving in joy to Me. 


I created a world to be free.  However, it has become apparent that “freedom” is now defined in a way different from what it was originally created to mean.  You think that there is time to spare; but if you look within your lives and at what you yourself have done, there is not time to despair or to spare.  There is only time to be made anew and to be cleansed. 


Make no mistake about it; you will know the Truth, whether it be in this your life now or when you meet my Son, your Savior.  When you see Me face to face, you will know the absolute Truth.  Yet, the time to see Me face to face can only happen after your purgation.


Think wholeheartedly now; and if there is any doubt, then perhaps you should make your amends now.  For only those, who can rejoice in My tremendous glory, can survive forever.  Those of you who desire to live your lives in your own way now, instead of as your soul was created to be, enjoy it; but do not ask why the Truth was not presented to you, for I have outlined the entire Truth.  It is your free will that has rejected it. 


I remain faithful, at all costs.  The choice is yours.