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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

To the World

 February 8, 2008



Children of Humanity,


Blessings and grace to you!  Receive and cooperate with this grace. 


You act as if you know so much of the future’s events and what is needed for change; but truly, within yourselves, you do not!  No one knows the future events or what really needs to be changed other than Myself, your Father. 


You have been welcomed, invited and encouraged to unite in harmony, not to live in division; to live in ways of good moral values and ethics; and to slay your vices and silence your anger.  And yet, so many of you pass this off and do not believe that My Words are for you.


It is better to believe than to doubt; for once you doubt, you allow forces to enter that will betray you and deceive you.  If you doubt, then the enemy can overpower you, as has happened throughout history, even to my beloved ones.  In times of war with the Philistines, when my beloved ones were to protect my Ark, they doubted and were overthrown.  And yes, the Ark went into the hands of the enemy.

(Sam 4:1-11)


You must believe and live your faith, for the Truth will be revealed.  Guard yourself in My Truth and be confident, so you will be able to be protected in all ways. 


Peace.  Do not receive my blessings in vain.