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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

 July 8, 2007


Dear Children of Humanity,


Hear this:


My Son said, “To You I commend My Spirit, O’ Lord,” (Luke 23:46); and with that, no strength left in His Body, He bowed His Head and willingly suffocated, shaking violently till every breath was gone.


“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” (Mt 27:46); and then, “To You I commend My Spirit,” willingly offering every breath for you, children of humanity; and yet, you dissect My every Word.  Prudence, yes, is necessary; but be open to God’s grace as a Father looks to His Son Who humbly gave His Life for you.  Today you have the joy of receiving that grace as often as you desire.


An ounce of pain within your flesh is nothing compared to the cry of My Son.  The burden He carried on His shoulders and every drop of Blood He lost for you, redeem every cry in your spirit and the misery of your soul. 


“Rejoice!” is what you should do, in thanksgiving; for your day is at hand.  Open your hearts to be revealed a new life, an invitation.  For those who do not know change, it is an invitation to change; for those who have changed and know not where else to go, a new revelation and an unveiling of a new door.


Come, all you, come to your Father Who desires you to receive Peace, serenity of soul, and jubilation, and to bless your good works given to the Holy Trinity.  Blessings on those who hear My Word and keep it; and as an extension of My Son’s Most Sacred Heart, I am calling those in doubt to come, come and see, and live in Peace.


You can make a new tomorrow.  The option is yours.