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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

To the World

 March 8, 2008



My Dear Children of Humanity,


Here we are, another day, a gift to you.  So many people suffering, wounded, searching, grasping each breath for life!  Each day is another day, an opportunity for you to live in Truth; and yet, with all the many other distractions and circumstances in this world, very few come back to the Truth.


This is why there is chaos—because there is no peace in your heart.  There is no freedom or joy, no comfort or holy indifference.  So people scatter and do not gather.  Peace and Justice meet, yes indeed, but the lack of faithfulness cannot allow it to fulfill its proper measure. 


You have all been given an opportunity in Christianity, and your own world is dwindling away.  Because of your free will, there is only so much that I will force on you.  I give you gifts, and I protect you.  At a moment’s plea, I come to grasp you and save you; but I cannot force more than that.   If you do not desire the Truth and the Peace and the gift of Faith to live, then you are open to many other sources of persuasion. 


Every day is a new opportunity to give yourself unconditionally to the Truth, regardless of your sinful ways.  I, your God of Mercy, am that indeed!  If you do not, then the pain and suffering, the fear and panic and  confusion, and the division and scandals will only escalate. 


As the prophets before and as the prophets now all join in unity to give glory to God through My Son, there will explode a wondrous tomorrow!  Painful it might be for those who do not know the Truth and for those who do and refuse to accept it.  For those who do know it and accept it, painful it might be; but the overall safety of their souls will be preserved, and the world will be brought forth to its proper place from its inception in Creation. 


I love you.  I am a patient God.  I am a jealous God Who desires your heart.  My Love for you is so immense that My own Son was sacrificed for your salvation.