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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

 September  8, 2007


Dear Children of Humanity,


Joy is given to you, at a great cost to My Son.  You are able to reach and to do all you do with the gift of Joy.  Yet, many reflect interiorly that Joy is not there.  What is it, and how is it that Joy is not within you?


Let us look and ponder at some of the circumstances and ways–even though you are good and are praying–how it is that Joy is not embedded within your heart.


Firstly, is God, your Father, the God of your love and your life, for ever and above all things, without your own agenda or your seeking consolation, and with your acceptance of all that comes?  Is this your God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? 


If your answer is “yes,” then there is another step.  As you give yourself unconditionally, do you give and then retrieve because you are met with circumstances not quite pleasing to you?  Do you discern and pray to be relieved of troublesome matters or people who are in your way, causing you grief? 


If your answer is “no” to that, then perhaps going further:  Are there many issues interiorly within you that you keep hidden and are afraid to release so that the eye can see in human ways, but that God’s Way would be able to penetrate and heal?  Are you yet trying to hide from the Divine what has been present from your inception?


If the answer is “no,” then perhaps even deeper:  Is your soul at rest within your body, desiring to be unified with the Triune God, freely, unconditionally and without reservation, even unto death?


If the answer is “no,” then let us look further.  If your life is not given unconditionally, without reservation to God your Father, then




Only you can answer that question, and you are the obstacle to yourself. 


I am a God that loves, forgives, heals, calls, raises, praises, changes, comforts, and ultimately and open-heartedly invites without repercussions so that you may be free.  If you cannot within all these measures “Come,” then perhaps you had best ask yourself,