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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Talone Sullivan

To the World

September 8, 2008

The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Children of Humanity,


As your Father and your God, I always invite you to come before Me with open arms, willing to receive and willing to give.  My “Words” are for all peoples of all faiths.  They are not for a select few.


Be careful how you judge; for even in the time of My Son, prophets were ridiculed and mocked.  The ancestors of the Pharisees and Scribes washed their hands of the blood of the prophets; and then in turn, those who followed later wondered about the outcome.  (Mt: 23:29-32)


Is it not the same today?  If you can now wash your hands of the blood of My prophets who both listen and give, then who will be responsible for what comes later?  Will there not still then be the same blood which you are now dismissing yourself from dealing with?


My Son said, “Woe to you!”—to those of you who now kill the prophets and then later try to redeem yourselves.   Is that not hypocrisy?  Can you not even live and learn from the past?


I have given you very much—My most treasured Son, the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, and the most pure and Immaculate Mother, Mary.  To what extent will you desecrate her, only to go ahead and lift up your own self?  It would be most wise and prudent for you to look to her and learn, O’ you of little faith.  Learn from her conviction, her devotion, her meekness, her kindness, her fidelity and loyalty to God, at all costs, living in Truth.


I am a patient God.  I am a loving God.  I have only wanted, from the inception and creation of time, for you to dwell in complete happiness and total freedom.  It was through the hands of humans who bowed to evil that mankind was therefore thrown out of Paradise.  That was not My doing. 


Initially, life was created forever to be lived in Paradise.  You now have that opportunity once again by avoiding temptation.   Through your free will, you can reject evil and be the Truth and the Light through compassion, kindness, love and fidelity. 


Nothing goes unnoticed.  For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, you have been given a gift.  If you drape a cloth of negligence over your eyes and block your ears from hearing the Truth, then your own fate is what you make of it; for you do not allow Mercy from Heaven.  Justice and Peace shall meet; and all must be held accountable.  It is best to surrender and to have nothing in this world than to lose everything in the next. 


Your time, as you know it, is limited; for the body only survives so long.  The soul will have to answer, and yet cries out for Justice.  You have the complete control over your vices, your thoughts, your muscles, your words, what you see and what you hear, how you act, what you say, where you walk and what you do, what you receive and what you give, how you give and how you receive. 


For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, this is for you to behold.  Peace.