OLOE Message 01-21-1999

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

January 21, 1999



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, you cannot live day to day with the fear of tomorrow.  The future holds uncertainty but also hope.  You must trust in God.  The more confident and trusting you are in Jesus, the more peace of heart you will gain.

If you are always afraid , then perhaps you are focusing too much on yourselves.  If you were focusing on my Son, each of you would know with certainty that your soul is safe at all costs.

In order to advance in the spiritual world, you must not be afraid to take a risk for God and work hard in the areas of prayer and self examination.  Virtues are gifts from God and must be exercised when graced.

What future do you paint when you live in fear?  When you place your confidence in Jesus, you do not have to be afraid about your future.  Jesus knows who you are.  He has formed you and knows each of you by name.

Are you afraid of pain and suffering?  My Son knows and understands every aspect of pain and suffering, because He endured it for you.  He will not abandon you.  Be at peace.  You are not alone.

He is not seeking out people upon whom to inflict pain.  He is calling His people to be loved and to be comforted.

Trust in your Jesus of Mercy.  The more you trust in Him, the more you will see that He is with you and that you are not alone; and the more you will desire to be like Him.  Do not lose heart.

Have courage and hope in what tomorrow holds for a brighter, loving future.

I love you, little children; and I take all of your petitions to your Merciful Savior.

I bless you in His Glorious Name.


Thank you for responding to my call.