OLOE Message 02-09-1995

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

February 09, 1995



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little children, no servant is greater than his master.

You claim to belong to God, but you contradict your claim from your lack of commitment to daily family prayer, accompanied by leading a disciplined life working towards a pure heart.

Purity of heart comes by Divine grace; however, it also demands honest effort on your part in devoting your life to my Son.

You must continually work on conquering your self-love, mastering your passions, practicing patience, and doing penance.

You must do works of humble service and works of love for your  neighbor.

You cannot call yourself a child of God unless you serve the Lord Jesus my Son.

Do you desire Him?  Do you seek Him?  Do you follow Him?

Do you honor Him?  Do you trust Him?

My Son has kept His promise of all ages to His people.

He sacrificed His life for your salvation.  He is merciful.

Yet there are so many who have lukewarm hearts.

These lukewarm hearts are the ones which afflict my Son’s Most Sacred Heart.  They are disinterested and indifferent.

The temporal needs are far greater in their eyes than eternal needs.

Unless these lukewarm hearts practice prayer daily and exercise perseverance in trials, they will turn into cold stone hearts.

Please allow correction by my Son.

Stand firm in penance, and hope to be angels of Light.

Do not seek a tragic end, but seek God’s Mercy.


If you do not wish to accept my words of enlightenment and seek by the grace of God to change your lukewarm hearts, then so be it by your choice.

My time is limited in being able to address you.

You cannot wonder why the Lord’s judgement will be dealt in accordance to your actions.

It is your choice, and the work of Divine grace demands effort from you.

Peace, little children.

I bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ, the LORD GOD.

Thank you for your necessary response to my call.