OLOE Message 04-13-2000

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Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

April 13, 2000



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, God will protect you.  He will never leave or abandon you.

There are tremendous blessings from Him which will soon gently descend upon you.

Trust My Son with all your heart and with filial confidence.

Do not let your thoughts wander or work up in you tensions and fear of things that have not yet surfaced.

Whenever God speaks words of love and encouragement, Satan is there to try to distort, confuse you, cause fear and ultimately division.

Always be on guard to the subtleties of his deceptive ways, because he will try to cloud your vision of My Son’s Truth.

I have spoken words of encouragement for this community because of My Son’s great love for you and His blessings on all those who come to this Center of My Immaculate Heart.

This holy place is for all people and cannot remain for you and your families alone.

My Son gave of Himself for you, your families and for every person in the world.

You must also give of yourself, not only for your families but also for the families of God and every person whom my Son brings in your path.

The way you can do this is in a very simple manner.

Do not be overwhelmed with feelings of negativism or rebellion.

As people begin to come here, simply be open to receive the graciousness of their love and their gratitude for being able to receive the blessings of your community.

The people coming will not be seeking to infringe upon your privacy or dignity.

You can enforce the stigma of the dignity of your historical home place with a smile, a respectful nod and a kind word.

In this way you will become the instruments of God’s Mercy and in turn receive tremendous graces and blessings.

What you give, you will receive in exact proportions and amounts.

Begin now with preparations and plans for the accommodation of the many people of God so that your private lives are not interrupted.

Do not wait until the end, for a wise person takes the shields off his eyes to look at a panoramic vision of God’s Love.

The more preparation you have in place now will make for less inconvenience later for your own lives.

Be happy, little children.  Do not worry, for my Son is smiling upon you.

I take your petitions to Him.

Peace. Thank you for responding to my call.