OLOE Message 05-06-1999

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

May 06, 1999



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

I am your Mother, and I wrap my mantle around you.

Jesus is with you and waits for your words of love.

He waits for your hearts, which He desires to fill, to open to His Joy.

Jesus is loving and merciful, and He would like to wash away your sins by His presence of Love.

You can be like My Son in every way.

It simply begins with the desire to be like Him.

He is wondrous in all His works.

Nothing is impossible with God.

Turn your hearts towards Him and live the Good News of the Gospel.

You will be filled with peace and joy.

God desires you to be free from the hands of evil.

You must give all your hearts to Jesus.  It is the only way.

You cannot give Him only a portion of your hearts.

It is necessary to belong totally to Him to be filled with love.

When you give all of your being to Jesus, you allow Him to fill you with His goodness, light, freedom and peace.

I am a Mother who desires to see her children happy, secure and growing in holiness.

You cannot acquire these things alone.

Only Jesus can grace you with true happiness, true security and true holiness.

Any way other than Jesus’ Way will only achieve a short-lived result.

I take your petitions to My Son, and I bless you in His Name.

Peace to you.

Thank you for responding to my call.