OLOE Message 05-25-2000

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Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

May 25, 2000



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, know that God the Father has revealed everything that is essential for faith through My Son and His Word.

I am here to help you and invite you to live His Word more fully.

I am here to invite you to return to His way of Truth at all costs, and to guide you on His path and lead you safely home to Him.

There are many people who live today without any knowledge of my Son, and many people who do not believe in Him even though they have knowledge of Him.

I invite you to pray for these souls.

Teach your children the foundation of faith in God, and practice what you teach with great love and fervor.

God did not create humanity to be seen as a phase in the world’s development, which could be left behind.

He created each one of you specifically and in the purity of His Love to become Him with all of your weaknesses and struggles.

His glory is entrusted to your fragility.

Little children, without God you are at great risk, and you need the Holy Church to lead you to your redemption.

Long for a union, little ones, with my Son, a union of the human and the Divine whose model was LOVE itself.

I desire all of you, my children, to be safe and seek refuge in my Immaculate Heart.

Please open your hearts.

I am a Mother who desires her children to be happy, secure and prosperous.

Come and be children of my Immaculate Heart, for the children shall triumph with my Immaculate Heart in my Son.

Peace to you. Thank you for responding to my call.