OLOE Message 09-04-1997

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

September 04, 1997



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, the Father is ever mindful of your human weaknesses & His Love sustains you in grace as long as you remain humble.

Lack of humility has stripped many people of their graces because of their self-reliance to trust & depend on themselves instead of  trusting in God.

The enemy is always lurking & waiting for any opportunity to rob you of your possessions.

I am here to help you keep your graces intact.

It is a great misfortune to be rich in grace, but then be stripped of everything because of a lack of humility.

It can happen to anyone.

Only the humble ultimately fulfill God’s Will.

Do not be misled to think otherwise.

There is an unbelievable corruption abroad in the world; and anyone, even souls rich in grace, can be swept away, soiled, or robbed of God’s treasures.

Humility of heart is the protective garment which will keep you safe & allow you to remain in a state of grace.

Never think you are strong enough, by the graces you have received, to depend on yourself instead of trusting wholeheartedly in God.

The moment you think you have the authority to boast in your graces is the moment your treasures are in grave jeopardy.

Trust in God alone, and be ever mindful to remain in a state of humility.

Be humble servants, and you will only become richer in grace.

I love you, little children, and I bless you in the Name of Jesus.

In the midst of the raging torrents of this world, you can retain your graces, receive more graces, and live in the security of Jesus by praying for humility & practicing it.

You must see yourselves as less and God as more.

Humility is the virtue that allows you to see God in His Kingdom.

Peace to you. I take your petitions to the Father this night.

Thank you for responding to my call.