OLOE Message 09-21-1995

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

September 21, 1995



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, Jesus invites you to His Sacred Heart.

He invites you to seek all that is good and to live in His merciful Love.

There is great power in prayer.

Jesus relents in punishment when He sees people praying with a merciful love.

There has been great devastation already to this world from the hands of many people due to their lack of mercy and indifference to pray.

God does exist, little children.

Unity comes through prayer and merciful love towards one another.

It comes from living the Word of God.

Unity does not come from focusing on an energy force within yourself.

Love is not an emotion connected to an energy force which will save this world.

You are not God.

You are God’s children, a people He created to reign with Him in joy and freedom.

If you turn away from God and refuse to believe in His existence, you in turn will eliminate your own existence.

Jesus is Love.

Only God can save you and the world.

Jesus is meek and humble of heart.

Seek to be like Him.

Seek to live in Him.

Seek to live in humility instead of seeking other forces and inner energies which will deceive you into thinking you have power to be God- like.

True power comes in prayer and loving to serve God in littleness.

Prayer, Love and Mercy gain unity and Peace.

God is the only Way to Peace.

Be aware, little ones.

There are many forces of evil and deceptions which can lead you astray from the Truth, if you are not focused only on God.

I urge all people to return to God before it is too late.

I desire to protect you as a loving Mother.

Return to God.

Return to His Sacraments and remain faithful to His Word.

Thank you, little children, for responding to this call.