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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

October 5, 2008

Respect Life Sunday


Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, always remember that Almighty God is merciful, kind and compassionate.  He is always there for you  Always remember this, because you have every opportunity at your hand at any moment you desire to give yourself totally to Him, to follow Him, to love Him, to suffer for Him, to be a vehicle of peace, to be Him, to live in Him, and to love as He loves.

Time as you know it is quickly passing.  What seemed a year ago to be a year away in your time, now has past.  Quickly events and circumstances rush by you.  It is hard to grasp even a moment, dwelling in the most perfect Love of God, without being distracted.  Many events have unfolded, one after another, without even enough time to focus on one before another happens  Is that not what I have foretold to you?

Make your house in order by prioritizing the necessities of “life“, those being purity and true love of God, by following Him, being detached, being at peace, removing vices that hinder your relationship with God, and by silencing all types of gossip, slander, malice, and unjustified rejections and persecutions.  Be the Light of God!

As you have witnessed, in a moment’s glance you could have all and lose all.  What is the value of “life” to you?  And to what means will you pursue your desires over that which God desires?  You know the Commandments.  You know what has been asked of you, morally, ethically, and family-wise.  You have been given a gift.  There is no need to seek anymore.  Please, children, be the Light and love one another.  Pray for wisdom and discernment.

As parents, be responsible to bring up your children with good moral values.  Help them to be responsible and accountable.  Help them to have self-esteem by their doing what is right.  Challenge them to achieve, and they will be proud children of God.  They are only a gift to you.  All those around you are gifts; and when God deems fit, they return to Him.  Use your gifts wisely, and know that I am here with you.  I am not leaving, even if you think I am far away.  Be prepared.  Pray with all your heart, and do not take “life” for granted.

I take your petitions gratefully to God; and through His omnipotent, most glorious and adorable Love and power, all blessings from Heaven are upon you!

Thank you for listening.  Please respond.


Reflection by Fr. John B. Wang

Our loving, wise, and solicitous Mother has once more given us some very precious guiding lights.

She begins this message by reminding us of the transitory nature of worldly events.  Things are ephemeral.  Time passes and vanishes rapidly.  All our possessions can be lost in an instant.  Our Mother reminds us the only important focus in our own life is God for He is our Pivot, our Center, our Beginning and End.  He wants us to live, love, and exist in Him, with Him and through Him. God’s mercy and compassion are always available and He is anxiously waiting for us to respond and come to Him.

God has given us many gifts such as family, children and friends and Our Mother exhorts us to use them wisely.  Of course, Our Lady of Emmitsburg is a very special gift.  We are so grateful that She reiterates Her decision to not leave us as She continues to guide us.