OLOE Message 11-10-1994

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

November 10, 1994



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little children, I ask you to have confidence in me, your Mother of Joy.

I will intercede for you to God, present you, and plead for your cause on your behalf.

If it is God’s Will, all you ask will come to pass, for my prayer has never been refused by God.

Do not come to me only in times of need, when difficulties arise, or on feast days only.

Allow me to dispense the graces God has willed for you at all times.

The loving tenderness of God has deigned that I be the dispenser of all graces, and the Church seeks My intercession continually.

Please, I invite you to do the same.  My Son awaits your love.

Please do not restrict the graces you are able to receive by restricting the entrance of God’s Love through your lack of trust and confidence.

As the Church has recourse to me, please do so also.

Let your conduct be as mine—all-embracing, sweet and affectionate.

Come to me always in all your spiritual and temporal needs.

I will not fail you, for I am your Mother leading you to my Son.

Do not be unsure of my good will for you.

I desire you to be perfect in God’s Love.

I will take you to Jesus in the form that is irresistible.

Jesus in turn will take you to the Father.

It is the most direct and quickest path to my Son and to the Father, for my Love is pure, simple and free from sin.

My little children, God is Mercy, God is Love; and you all are invited to live in union with the Triune God.

You are all invited to Mercy.  You are all invited to Love.

Come, little children, come.

The abyss of all blessings is awaiting you in His Love.

I bless you, little ones, and take your petitions to my Son’s Most Sacred Heart, where Joy, Mercy and charity reside.

Peace.  Thank you for responding to my call.