OLOE Message 12-23-1999

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Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

December 23, 1999



My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

As you celebrate the Birth of Jesus, little ones, know you celebrate the gift of His Cross.

Those of you who truly desire to be followers of My Son can expect experiences of persecution at the hands of the world, as the Holy Family experienced.

You live in a world where persecutions may be more subtle; but none the less, as you live His message of peace, love and justice, you will be threatened because of His Truth and proper moral values.

The dignity of every human being is being threatened today because of modern issues of human sexuality; and if you follow the true Way of My Son, the Christ Child, then you will be ridiculed in society.

It is the parents who are responsible for nurturing the children’s faith and teaching pure moral values.

It is the grandparents role to support the parents in bringing the children’s faith to fruition.

With sound principles, then the children grow and become who God created them  to be, as they search and live God’s Plan.

Then as parents you must let them go so they can be all of God’s children.

But in today’s world more time is spent in teaching children about success, money, prestige, fame and power through subtleties which they are practicing in their home life.

Therefore their maturations are fortified in worldly enticements instead of spiritual and religious beliefs.

Then when pain and suffering come, they do not look through the eyes of faith so that their suffering may be redemptive; and their suffering then has no value or meaning.

Death becomes a fearful process, and suicide and euthanasia become appealing.

The Birth of Jesus is the Birth of the Cross.

Jesus is your Savior, and the Cross is your salvation.

Embrace your little King, and accept His Cross with His Peace.

Teach and educate your children about the true ways of Jesus.

Help them learn what it entails, True Life in Jesus.

Peace to you.  I take your petitions to your Emmanuel.

Adore Him in holy silence.

Thank you for responding to my call.



[Our Lady came with the Baby Jesus tonight.]