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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #82

September 8, 1989






I tell My people that in order to achieve My Peace, they must seek Me and My Kingdom. How do you seek Me?  Seek Me by focusing on Me in everything you do. By focusing on Me, I can give you My Peace, because I am able to dwell in you, and we become One with each other.  I tell My people: “Focus on Me; focus and allow Me to grant you peace.” Remember, it is not only achieving peace by seeking Me, but you must also accept My Peace!


I wish to tell My people, if they truly focused on Me, the personalities and trivial idiosyncrasies of their brothers would not bother them! They would know that all My children have different personalities, intellects and characters. They would know that, even though they may not understand their brothers, I understand them and their incentives; and they would be at peace because of their total trust in Me.


My Peace is your freedom! My Peace allows you to live in this world until you see Me face to face.  I promise you, child, by an oath of our intimacy, that all who desire Me, trust in Me and completely focus on Me, shall be guaranteed everlasting life for all eternity with Me, My Father, My Mother, My Joseph and all My Angels, Saints and Prophets.


I promise you that whoever believes in Me, trusts My words and lives them, shall receive My Mercy and life.  I promise you that whoever believes in My Mother, trusts in her words and lives them, shall live in Me and receive My Mercy and life everlasting.


I promise you that all, who pray with their hearts, shall receive My Heart, and unite in My Father’s Oneness.  I promise to listen to you, child, as you continue to pray for the salvation of this world, because you listen to Me, and have allowed Me to be your intimate Friend! I shall not deny you, because you come to Me through My Mother, and I do not deny My mother any request!


I am your Jesus of Mercy, My people. It is I, and this is the Age of My Divine Mercy!


Happy the man who follows Me, for He shall have life! I am here for you!  Hail and glory be to the Father on high, for He has allowed this to be your Age of My Divine Mercy—the Age of My Father’s Divine Mercy!