Vol 5 Lesson 28

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World



Volume V Lesson #28

In private chapel at home

November 2, 1995





My dear little one, I hear the cry of My people.  I hear their plea.  All is answered through My most merciful Heart.  The sorrowful shall be comforted.  I will not allow My people to be alone.  There already has been great devastation in the world where many of My people have wailed in agony for My mercy.  I come to the rescue of each soul even though agony has resulted through human hands and the unwillingness to love or be merciful.  Evil’s reign of power is close to an end, and there shall be no more tears of sorrow but tears of joy and gladness.  Every sorrow, every whimper of pain pierces My Sacred Heart only to be turned into the soul’s glory in resurrection.  It grieves Me that many of My people have chosen to walk the way of evil.  They have chosen to be stubborn in their ways.  They want, but they refuse to give.  They must be right at all times and fail to accept error in humility.  Pride continues to control every element of their being; and when they receive what they have sought after, it is not enough.  They desire more.  Since they are never satisfied, they are never at peace.  Only those who bow their heads under the yoke of God can receive true wisdom through gentleness and meekness of heart.


My servants know the  way of love.  My servants may suffer, but their suffering is united to Mine and is redemptive.  In time every man, woman and child shall know the truth of My love.  They will see the truth of the world as it is and what they have missed from postponing prayer and service through love.  By seeking self-gain in the world they will see what they have depleted from their souls through the loss of treasures in heaven.  Evil does exist and its subtleties linger and fall prey on any soul complacent or indifferent to unconditional love and mercy.  No doubt My servants will suffer interiorly and perhaps exteriorly because of the current conditions of the world which do not render love without self-gain.


No one is ever free when there exists conditions and limitations on mercy.  This is not any new discovery.  I have called My people to unconditional love and mercy for 2000 years.  I have invited My people to live in simplicity and to pray.  I have invited My people to follow the Truth of My Way.  I have told My people that it takes time to change and not to wait to the last moment.  My love is not a project meeting a deadline.  My love is a way of life, an ongoing peace, harmony, unity, freedom and joy.  My love challenges you to grow and rise to the highest levels of dignity and respect.  Wounds are healed, though perhaps not without pain.  Ultimately pain will cease and no wounds will exist when you walk My Way.  I have tried to help My people, but many refuse My assistance and My love.  Their ways are confounded in self-pride and their pain deepens.  The window of opportunity has been opened to love, but now My people in desolation, despair and pain accuse Me of abandonment.  I will always remain Who I Am.  I am Love.  I have never changed.  So few listened to My words.  Many are still not listening.  Who is guilty of abandonment?  The window of opportunity still exists.  I have never left My people.  Never!  Each soul is precious in My love.  Each soul is invited to love and will not be turned away.  Each soul is also given the freedom to choose Love.  Now the world is a product of humankind’s decision to love.  Evil could not prevail unless allowed by the soul.  Power, materialism and prestige have masked the truth of dignity.  Politicians debating other politicians and leaders of other countries are all seeking their own self-gain.  Few seek to uphold the truths of mercy and love for freedom in the world.  This lack of genuine love and service will only be manifested in the current devastations existing in the world.


My love has filtered through many souls now seeking the truth, and many souls are allowing Me to help them.  As genuine love surfaces, evil will initially seem to have stronger forces, but will weaken because evil cannot exist where there is Love.  Humankind will have the opportunity to control and eliminate evil through genuine love and mercy.  I will be with them as I have been before.  Evil would like you to believe you have no power to control or eliminate its forces in existence.  But I tell you otherwise.  Through love evil cannot exist.  Unity, harmony and mercy are the artillery to win the battle through love.  This may mean you may not be always at the forefront in the areas of prestige, power or self-righteousness.  Love has no boundaries, and the first areas evil attacks are the areas of pride, self-gain, materialism, and power:  the masks of falsehood and obstacles to freedom.  But many of My beloved ones are gaining the knowledge of truth from asking My assistance and giving their souls unconditionally to My care, love and mercy.  There is hope for the future of mankind, a hope founded in Love.  For evil’s reign is close to an end.  I love you, little one, and all My people.  Peace be with you.



End of Lesson #28.