Vol I Lesson 11

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 11

November 22, 1988






My dear child, how it pleases Me to have My little lambs, My little children, come to Me rejoicing in their God. The purity and openness of their hearts allows Me to fill them

with special graces. That is how I wish all My children of all ages would come to Me— with innocence and purity.


My people think that, in order to please Me, they must pray differently than the way My little children pray. You do not have to be extraordinary or offer sacrifices beyond

what you have already been called to do.


My people think they must do so much to please Me. I am only asking for their hearts to be open to My words, so that I can fill them with all the goodness and the grace of joyfulness.


If My people would come back to Me with hearts like children, relying and trusting in Me with hearts of openness and purity, I would fill them with the freedom and happiness

of children. They would be carefree children.  But My people struggle and make things so hard for themselves. If only they would try. “Just try!” say I, your Lord.


I, your Lord, am a loving God Who calls His people to simplicity—simple prayers, simple words of thanks and simple ways. It is in this simpleness that you will be filled with the richness of My treasures. My people do not need to be flamboyant and worship in a form that would bring attention to themselves.


Pray with your heart—in the quiet of your heart!  My people want power and attention, even in prayer.  That is the way of the world now—power!


Know the joy I have when My children come to Me like “little” children.  It is with hearts of little children that you will gain the treasure of My Kingdom!