Vol I Lesson 12

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 12

November 30, 1988





My child, we are now ready for another Lesson—a Lesson about faith. The first step to having faith is surrendering with trust.   Faith is knowing your Lord will bring you out of exile and living that knowledge with joy, love and happiness, because it is the Truth.


This is faith: trusting in Me and My Gospel words. My Gospel is the Truth.


You cannot have faith one day, and then not the next because of a change in your mood. This is what many of My people do to Me. One day they trust in Me and have faith that I will care for them. The next day their faith is not so strong, because their feelings are different for that day. Your Lord does not change day to day.  My people may change their feelings day to day, but your Lord does not! I will remain true to My people, as I have said many times in the past.


My people should not mistake faith with their feelings.  Faith is trusting in the Truth—the truth that I shall save them and care for them. It is because of evil that My people struggle, not because of Me! They would rather struggle with their worries and problems, instead of having faith in their God. They must surrender and trust and have faith on a day to day basis, not on a time interval of their own choice. If only they would try. It is difficult because My people make it difficult!


My words to you have been words I have said in past ages. They are not new; and yet, I am still waiting for My people to try what I am requesting. My child, this is faith—a fact not a feeling, a grace given to My people, a tool of power which is not practiced. Go in peace now. Ad Deum.