Vol I Lesson 13

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 13

December 3, 1988





My dear child, I wish to be glorified in all My children, for they are glorified in Me. This  is the prayer that I prayed to My Father for this world, before My Sorrowful Passion—My wish that all My children would be safe and would be glorified with Me.


My children have received many gifts from Me. Gifts of Love, strength and faith. It is time that you give to each other the gifts that I have given you. Share your gifts! They were given to you so that they would be shared with others. Pass on the gift of Love, so that those who are searching will be brought home to Me.


This is your Lesson on charity—the giving of gifts I have given you for all My people of this world. Charity is a gift—a gift that combines Love, faith, trust, joy and hope for others.  Charity is the gift of giving yourself.


What a great gift of sharing your love, your faith, your joy, your trust and your hope with others, unconditionally, in My Name! You have been given these gifts to use them. Realize that they have been given to you.


This message is meant for all. Realize the gifts I have given you. Share your gifts, so that you will be given more!