Vol I Lesson 16

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 16

December 13, 1988





My dear child, I am here to save you. I am here to save you and My people. This is not a game. This is true; for I am Truth, and this is serious!  It is serious because of the many lost souls who could be turned away from Me because of the lack of tenderness and  gentleness, which are so needed.


I so love My people. I wish to be with them and make them happy, but they will not invite Me. My people will soon know that you fast for their salvation. It is in fasting that you are made pure.


I fasted for My people. I tell you, they did not care about fasting in My age, nor do they in this present age. When you fast, you are cleansed with My Holiness. The purity of My

Spirit dwells in you and cleanses you.


I ask you today to fast in order to purify and cleanse yourself, for My Mother is coming!  I shall purge you and sanctify you in Me. Blessed are those who fast because of their love for Me and for the salvation of others!


I am not calling you to fast for long periods of time—simply once or twice a week. Is this asking too much of you? The purest form of fasting is on bread and water; but as you are aware, there are other ways of fasting for those who cannot do the former.


Pray for humbleness and humility. It is I, and only I, Who work through you. I am here to save. Rejoice! My Peace is with you.