Vol I Lesson 17

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 17

December 14, 1988


(Jesus told me to read: Matthew 12: 33-42; John 13: 31-35; & Isaiah 35: 1-10).





I, the Lord, am now here to build a bridge for those whom I have chosen to take My journey, and they will be redeemed. I shall gather My children of goodness to cross this bridge. No evil will be allowed to cross. Only happiness and peace will come to those who journey with Me.


My little one, I am speaking of a bridge that all My people can cross, if they would allow Me to purify them in My Unity. The beauty that blossoms on the other side of this bridge cannot be described. It awaits you, and you will obtain it when you reach the other side.


There are streams and meadows and flowers which always remain in full bloom, because those who dwell there and pass through this pasture are pure of heart, & fresh and clean of spirit. Once you are on this bridge, no harm can come to you, because no evil is allowed.


The key to finding the path to this bridge is to center on Me, so that I can purify you and lead you. Happy shall those be who put their trust in Me, for I shall lead them to the green pastures which await them across this bridge!  It is My bridge to everlasting life. This bridge shall be destroyed after I have gathered all My children, for no evil shall cross. Go in peace now, My child.