Vol I Lesson 19

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 19

December 19, 1988





It was through My Faith in My Father, united with My Blood, that Divine Mercy was shed then, and is shed now. It is Faith that is My source of power, and it is faith in Me that is your source of power!


For I am Faith, and I am your source of power!  It is My people who choose to select money, prestige and status as their gods–their power. It is in doing this, that I am placed last, and not acknowledged as their Divine Power.


This, My dear one, is why they will lose their power. Having faith in Me, and having mercy on one another is acknowledging the Unity of My Divinity with My Father. It is with faith that miraculous events happen! The slightest doubt questions My Divinity and is your loss of power!


Make no mistake about it.  It is the unfaithful servant who needs signs for acceptance and acknowledgment of My Divinity. It is the faithful servants who are given power abundantly, because they are acknowledging the Truth of My Divinity.


It is I Who has Faith in you; and when you have faith in Me, we are fused together! My mercy flows because of My Love and My Faith in My Father. It is My Divinity!  That is why I ask that you have faith in Me and mercy on each other; so that you may share in My Divinity.


You either have faith, or you do not!  You cannot have faith one day and not the next! You cannot have mercy on one another one day and not the next!  There is no middle of the rope. There are only two ends!


I wish for My people to begin practicing faith. Practicing faith is believing in Me and living in My Divinity.  Now do you understand that it is through faith that you will share in My Divinity and receive My mercy? It is by grasping this, and by loving, that My mercy flows through you. I am Faith! If you have faith, you live in Me and acknowledge

My Divinity, which will be shared with you through My mercy.


Go in peace now.