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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 20

December 22, 1988





My child, on this My special day, I take heart in thanking My family, My people, who celebrate in My Mother’s happiness; because the day of My Birth was the day of your survival. Fear was extinguished and comfort restored for all those who had faith, both  then and now, in Me their Savior. The Son of Man came as “Man of Man. **  It is I, Who Am, Who still lives as “Man of Man,” uniting in My Divinity all who desire it.


It is not a Lesson today, but a Proclamation for you and My people! I am here to celebrate the many souls who shall rise and rest with Me! I am here to celebrate with you and in you, in thanksgiving to My Father for the many gifts you shall receive because you have shared your gifts with one another! Those who have shared their gifts shall receive abundantly.


The symbol of Christmas is not only your celebration of My Birth, but it is My celebration of your renewal! It is a birth that does not come yearly, but daily, for those who seek joy, peace and comfort.


You are My living celebration! This means that you celebrate the Good News of My Father daily, which is a festival in its own right. My child, tell the world that My Birth was their salvation! My Death, their resurrection!


It is I, Who hope and has faith that all will select the purified good fruits which I offer from My vine. I am celebrating! I will save those who are discouraged, who are suffering, and who are desolate. I celebrate because these, My loved ones, will be renewed on this day of My Coming, My Birth!


(** The term “Man of Man” signifies Jesus as the Ruler of the human race, giving us a share in His Kingdom.)