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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #28

January 8, 1989




Let us now continue with the previous Lesson on the “open heart.”


To have an open heart is to accept what I give you gratefully, trusting that I will provide. To have an open heart is not placing emphasis and value on your interpretations of what is good or what is bad. It is remaining neutral and open. It is remaining without judgment as much as possible.  All humans judge; but when you make a conscious effort not to judge, you will be open to My goodness.


This is what having an open heart entails:


There are no emotions, because emotions will influence your openness. It is surrendering and remaining neutral to circumstances. It is through this form of obedience that I can fill you completely with My graces and goodness. It is in this form that you will also receive and absorb the bonded link of My grace and goodness.


To have an open heart is not to expect according to your desires.  If you expect according to your desires, you block the receipt of the many graces I shed.  This is a simple Lesson, but one which is so difficult for My people to practice.


I tell you this so that you will learn and be able to receive more.  I would not tell you this if I did not love you.   I want all My people to receive and fully share in the glory of My Kingdom. I wish for all to receive My treasures.  I am not greedy!  I wish to give! I wish to give to you! I wish to give you My treasures, all of them, but you need to open your hearts so that you can receive them.


Make a conscious effort to remain neutral and to surrender unto Me. This is obedience. Remain emotion free, as much as possible, so that I can unite My emotions with yours. My emotions of goodness will become your emotions. I promise you, as I promise all My children, this fact of My Truth.


Please pray now the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to My Father for the salvation of souls, and in thanksgiving for His goodness.