Vol I Lesson 29

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #29

January 9, 1989




My people think because they do not see, do not hear or do not feel My Presence, that I do not see and do not hear them. This is not true!


I see and hear all! They do not see, because they do not look within. They do not hear, because they do not listen.


I have given them the greatest gift of all—the gift of My Holy Spirit. If they would invite My Spirit to dwell in them,  people would see and hear according to what I wish for them

to see and hear!


I wish for all My people to forgive one another, to be respectful of one another, and to remain calm. It is the evil one who stirs up commotion to frighten you and to make you react by impulse and not by thought!


I listen, My dear people! I do!  It is because I do not answer according to their wishes

that they will not practice their gift of faith. They do not realize that their solution may not be the best solution for their intimate happiness.


I, Who only love, fill My people with Love and happiness.  Those who resist are the ones who struggle. It is they who desire gold, but resist receipt of it and instead grasp the iron rod. It is their selection, but my pain!


Please know that I am with you at all times, when invited!  Because you think that I am not with you, does not mean that I am not. It is when you think that I am not with you that you can be sure that I am.


I see you. I hear you. I love you. Please see Me from within. Listen to My words, and love Me by loving others.