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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #30

January 11, 1989




My people blame My Father for many bad events. They cry: “If God loved me, He wouldn’t allow this to happen to me.”


Why do you think they turn to My Father and accuse Him? It stems from what I have told you before—that people come to Me only when they need assistance. All other times, My children wish to be in control of their lives, instead of allowing Me!  They credit good happenings to their effort, and do not give thanks or glory to My Father. When things do not go well for them, they come and plead for help.


I wish to help them; but because they wish to control, I cannot reach their hearts. If people would only surrender to Me and give Me their problems by giving Me their hearts!  It is because they do not surrender, or fear losing their control, that I cannot offer them to My Father. When the outcome is one which is not in accordance with their expectations, they blame My Father.   However, it is the evil one they should blame!  It is he who takes joy in filling them with pain, and it is My people who allow him to do this!


My people need to surrender their control to Me.  I will then be able to fill them with My radiance. This also is part of obedience. The most difficult thing for My people to do

is to give to Me their control! They are afraid they will lose their power.


How can I express the seriousness of this Lesson on control?


By trying to hold on to power, you will lose it, because you are grasping the wrong source of power. By surrendering your control, you shall gain it, because you shall be gaining My control! Being afraid of following My ways, because of the need to surrender control, is an emotion placed in you by the evil one!  This is because he has fear that, if you surrender control to Me, he would lose his control over you. There is no justice in fear, because I am not fear!


So trust in Me when I say to surrender unto Me with an open heart. You will gain control, My control,  and you shall never fear again. You will only be filled with My goodness, My happiness, My mercy, My power, My love and My peace!