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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #31

January 11, 1989

3:00 P.M. (same day)




My dear one, it is necessary for you to take two Lessons today, because time is short!


Not only are My people afraid to surrender to Me because of the fear of losing control, but they are not willing to allow Me to help them or comfort them. They are on a timetable. When My people feel like giving glory to My Father, they do, but on their own allotted days.  Sundays should not be the only time allotted for prayer.  Sunday was the last day created, given to you as a day of rest.  My people pray on their own timetables and only when they desire.


I tell you that prayer is ongoing!  Not only when you feel like praying should you take the time. Work is a form of prayer! Pleasure is a form of prayer, united with purity of heart. But My people have programmed the world of time, and they have used their time wastefully. Prayer is scheduled last, or not at all, for many of My children’s timetables.


I am telling you now that time is running out!  This was not of My Will! It has been of My people’s will! You who were given freedom and beauty have bound your freedom with your law. You who are narrow-minded, not open to beauty, and who are so analytical, have destroyed your beauty because you have spent so much “time” analyzing and debating, instead of accepting and embracing your gifts.


It is because you have devised a restricted timetable, which has put My Father last, that your time is now ending. You created your ugliness, and it is you who wish to dwell in it.

Do not blame My Father for a disaster created by yourselves. Use your time wisely. Put Him first, and you shall be first.  Reconstruct the beauty of your world.


I tell you, you cannot survive without My Father.  He, Who is patient and a God of Love, will destroy those who destroy His beauty and His Love.


Amen, Amen, I say to you, “Heed this command!”  Beware! Put My Father first in prayer and in love. Change your agenda to one which glorifies My Father, or you shall be destroyed.  Love one another.  Receive the many beauty-filled graces by opening your heart and living in thanksgiving!


My dear one, I am sorry that you have had to be subjected to these words. I, Who am in pain, tell you that I live your pain! I wish for My loved ones to be joy-filled. However, as they deny Me, they deny My Father and His Love. He will not allow His Love and beauty to be destroyed.  It is My hope that My people heed My words, for My Father has now constructed His own timetable! Go in peace.