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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #32

January 11, 1989

7:30 PM. (same day)




My dear child, please allow Me to explain to you this last Lesson. It was not to frighten you.


You see, My people pray when they wish to and at the designated times of their own

selection. I am saying that prayer is not only for Sundays. Prayer is an offering, and everything you do should be in a form of prayer and thanksgiving.  If you offer your work as a form of prayer, you will be glorified, because My Father will be glorified. If you offer your lovemaking as a form of prayer, your marriage will be united in a deeper pure love. You see, whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you think, should be offered as a prayer—one of thanksgiving.


My people have set an agenda of their own time allotment, and so they regulate the many graces they receive.  They separate prayer from pleasure, from work, and from love. I care for My people. I love My people, and I wish for them to be happy. I tell you, My people cannot continue as they have in the past.


Pray, not only in a church on selected days. Pray at all times in everything you do. Pass on your love, your respect, and your mercy to one another, offering it as a form of prayer. Do not select a time for prayer and a time for work.  Work is a form of prayer and a gift. Allow the love of prayer to flow through you and in you in all things. This will restore the beauty needed once again, the beauty originally created and given by My Father.


This is not meant to frighten you. You must know the Truth. My Father has constructed a timetable.


There is no need to fear! There is a need to change!