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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #35

January 12, 1989




I wish to tell you how My people destroy their gifts by destroying one another! My people live in anger, in bitterness and in fear. My people take matters into their own hands as a way of seeking revenge on one another. They think this will gain them power.


I, your Lord, tell My people to have mercy on Me by having mercy on one another; and My people do not listen!  They show their love for Me by seeking revenge on one another. They show their love for Me with anger and rage. This is not mercy! What is “Mercy?”


Mercy is love and is forgiveness. It is My goodness, which flows out as a Divine blessing. It is not having pity. It is showing pity by loving and forgiving to the deepest level of My people’s souls.


When you have mercy on one another, you share in My Glory and My Divinity by dwelling in My Kingdom. My Divinity is goodness.


If I do not hesitate to give you all that I have, would I not share My Divinity with you? I tell you: My Kingdom, and all I have, is yours! There is nothing I would not give to you!  I gave My Life for you so that you could have life. Now, I tell you, that I give My Kingdom, My Glory and My Divinity to those who seek it!


You know that to dwell in My Kingdom and to share in My Divinity and goodness, you must share My Love by having mercy. There are so many of My people who need My mercy. I am now here to shed My mercy!


My child, people will say to you that this is a personal matter between you and your God. I tell you, this is not a personal matter! This is for all My people of this world.  I wish to save them and to invite them to live on with Me in My Kingdom. They must begin to love and to have mercy on one another. My people must not take lightly these words, for My Father will not take lightly the consequences to come for not adhering to His command!


Return and restore the beauty to one another by loving and having mercy. Stop your killings. Stop, I tell you, and love! You are destroying the goodness of My Father’s Kingdom, which He gave to you! Fight the evil one! Do not join his side! Fight him with prayers and love! Please, hear My plea!


Your world is being destroyed, and it is you who are destroying it through hatred and indifference. Return to good and pure ways. Begin by having mercy on one another. Begin loving. Begin having respect. Begin treating one another with dignity.  Begin!


The day will come when the people, who do not believe these words, will know that what I have spoken is true; and it will be their sorrow, for it will be too late! My child, I your Lord, love My people. I wish for My people to restore peace by living in peace.