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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #4

November  7, 1988





My dear one, as you have seen, My people are deaf to the words of your Lord. How belittling it is to Me for them to seek help without first asking for the source of their help —the gift of Myself!  People do not listen. They did not listen back in My age, and they still do not listen now. They hear only what they want to hear. They select their words over Mine.


My impatience with their selection is deepening. Your prayers are comforting My impatience. It is because of My children that I am a generous and patient God. I long to fill My people with so many special gifts, but they will not allow Me, because I am only standing in line in their selection process.


My people will not let Me be their God! They make Me out to be Whom they think I should be. How much longer do you think this can continue before man corrupts the gift of this world totally? Man expects to accomplish things on his own. I feel this pain  because the beauty of this world was once given to my people as a symbol of the Love of God.


Today you gave up a special time with Me, so that you could help My other children. When you comforted My children, you comforted Me.  Now I would like to instruct you about My mercy. What is mercy? Who deserves My mercy? Who asks for mercy? Mercy is the Divine power of My Love, which flows out on to whomever seeks it.


One of the many gifts as you receive My Holy Spirit is that of mercy. When you allow My Divine Love to flow from you, out to someone who is in need, that is My mercy flowing out from Me. When you, or any of My children, have mercy on someone, it is equivalent to Me having mercy on that same person, because of My Spirit which dwells in you.


Mercy is the missing link in loving! You cannot love without being able to have mercy. You cannot have mercy if you do not love! I know this seems very much for you, but you

must know the Truth.


My people ask for My mercy, but they will not give My mercy, because they select not to love, or they select whom they desire to love.  God does not select, and neither should His people!  What makes man think he is rich enough that he has the right to love one person and not another? I mean pure Love, not sexual love.


Man even distorts what love is! A man with10 shillings is richer than a man with 5, until a man with 20 shillings comes along. That does not mean that the man with10 shillings has more power to select whom he loves than the man with 5 shillings, and the same holds true for the man with 20 shillings.


If you want to have mercy on someone, you need to love that person! If you want mercy in return, you need to allow yourself to be loved!


Mercy, Love and Divine power are all possible for all My people, if they would only listen and ask for the gifts I wish to pour out on them through My Spirit.