Vol I Lesson 42

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #42

January 27, 1989





My child, so many of My people want to help in My Mother’s plan. They do not realize that they are already helping in her plan!


My people are waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen. They do not realize all that they have done, or are currently doing, that is helping My Mother and is glorifying Me.


You see, My Mother’s plan is so very simple. This world is accustomed to extravagant galas! This gala is very simple and shall be the most beautiful of all! My people continually ask, “When is it all to happen?” They are waiting for an event which they have structured in their minds. They do not realize that it is happening, and it is happening now!


Do not prepare as if you have time to spare, as if things are at your desire or on christened a “knight.” Be on your best behavior! Have sophistication, and respect one another. Prepare by living each day with your best effort. Be loving, and be at peace.


My people always try to outdo their brothers. It is only in love, simplicity and peace that you will be brought My comfort!


My people think that apparitions are the gala to come. They have no conception of the breadth or depth of My Mother’s plan. That is because My people are narrow-minded, and have predetermined the organization of My Mother’s gala.


I wish for My people to know that their God is tangible! They pray to Me as if I am so distant. This is because they place Me at a distance. I am a peaceful, loving Man, Who came into your world as “Man of Man,” because of My Father’s Love for His people. I suffered, I cried, I laughed—as you—so that you could share in My Glorification, and so that you could have all that I have!


My people have allowed themselves to think that God lives in a far-away place. They, through their imagination, have distorted My Father’s Kingdom as being one which is not attainable.


Do not belittle yourselves! I, your Lord, am tangible! It is like having a loved one go away for awhile. Do you not feel the love and presence of your loved one, even though you do not see him? It should be the same in your love for Me.


Do not place Me at a distance. I tell you, I am as close to your heart as you will allow Me! I wish to dwell in you and you in Me.  My people need to allow Me!


This plan, My Mother’s gala, is so simple that My people will be confused, because of the lack of complication or extravagance. It is so simple and beautiful that My people will desire to live in My simplicity and the beauty of Love. There will no longer be panic—only peace! Panic, confusion, hatred, envy, fear, revenge, disrespect, pain and suffering will no longer exist, because evil will be destroyed!


Come one, come all, endure now! Live in peace and love. Live with Me in My Kingdom!