Vol I Lesson 44

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #44

February 1, 1989





My dear one, your world has so many troubles because of the hatred which exists.


So many of My people rely on medications in order to have control of their lives, in order for them to function. They rely on medications, instead of Me, for control. They cannot function without their medicine, their “source for relief,” in which they place their entire trust and confidence. I, their Lord, am placed last, or not even placed, in their lives. They would rather put their trust in synthetic chemicals as their source of comfort, instead of their Lord. It is hatred, power, prestige, and the stress of these factors, that have resulted in the corruption of this world. If only My people would allow Me to love them! They do not, My child, they do not!


If My people allowed Me to love them, they would be loving one another, because I would fill them with such peace and love that this would be the only transmission possible unto each other.  This, as I have told you before, is the first step—allowing Me to love you by opening your hearts. My people will not even try!


My people will not even gather as a community and pray together. They say there is no need to go to church, because they can accomplish the same “love” for one another without going to church. But they love according to a definition of their own law.


So My people continue to compete with each other to survive. This leads to spitefulness and envy, which lead to jealousy and hatred, which lead to revenge. All of these lead to depression, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness, which lead My people to rely on synthetic chemicals as a source of comfort and control of their lives! My people make things so complicated.


If they would center on Me, there would not be hatred. There would not be anxiety. There would not be depression. There would not be any of the things of which I have spoken, because I am Love, I am Pure and I am Good!


If you centered on Me and allowed Me to love you, you would be filled with love, purity and goodness. You would be filled with life! It is simple!


There is only one step My people need to take, and that is to allow Me to love them by opening their hearts. It is when one opens his or her heart and another does not, that there is conflict!  However, I your Lord, assure you that it is the one whose heart is open and filled with love who will survive by destroying the hatred in the other!


Destroying hatred by loving is gaining life now—Eternal Life! Attempting to destroy love by hating is sure to destroy your life. People who are resentful and power-filled from destroying the goodness of another, by attacking their inner feelings, will only be destroying their own lives.


My child, it is so very important that My people know of this message. They are destroying their lives by destroying the inner core of each other’s hearts through hatred and by reciprocating with hatred instead of love! If they would begin to love, they would destroy the hatred, because they would be allowing Me to love them!