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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #47

April 2, 1989





On this, the Feast of My Divine Mercy, I shed My Mercy and forgiveness on My people. To those who wish forgiveness, it shall be granted.


My Mother prays for My loved ones, that they may be worthy of My promises. They shall be granted. She is My Queen of Mercy! Please take note of these words on this so very special feast.


My dear people, it is today, the Feast of My Divine Mercy, that I invite you to celebrate and be guests at My table! It is today, My Mercy and the Mercy of My Father have been shed upon you. Forgiveness and Love are upon you.


Celebrate, My people! Rejoice in your merciful God. I have Love, goodness and many gifts of grace to bestow upon you.  For all who ask for forgiveness, Mercy and everlasting life on this day, shall receive it ever so abundantly.


Come, My doors are open! Eat My food and drink plentifully from the grapes of My vine at My feast. It is a joyous occasion, and I wish all to be honored guests! No one shall go thirsty or hungry. My feast is now and you are welcomed, forgiven and ever-so-much loved! Receive My gifts, for it is today that I shall give and you shall receive ever so graciously!


My people of this world, join together! For it is today that you are united to Me; to My world of Peace; to My world of Love; to My world of hope, compassion, joy, charity, strength, faith and truth; to My world of eternal happiness; to My people of God; to My people of faith, faith in My Power; and to My everlasting life in My Kingdom!


Go in peace and celebrate! My Father’s Mercy is being shed!


To any and all of My children in need of Divine Assistance from Me, with this prayer I shall not deny any request, for it is My Divine Mercy and Compassion which shall save!